Aviation Consulting - What Ashton Air offers It's Clients

Monthly Management Audit Services

Reviewing Aircraft Expenses

Initial Management Agreement Review

Create Compliance Matrix

  • Monthly fixed fee for reviewing invoices
  • Compares invoices to Contract Terms
  • Reviews 2 months Prior Invoices
  • Review Part Purchases for Reasonableness
  • We do not give tax advice or legal advice

Trust but Verify

Quick and Simple to get started

Management Company Selection Services

We Run a Source Selection for Your Aircraft

Solicits Management Proposal on clients behalf

Compares Terms of all Qualified Companies

  • Compares all business terms of the proposals
  • Advice on Terms
  • Ensure you are Getting the Best Deal
  • Check Hanger and fuel prices in Area
  • Acts as intermediary between Businesses
  • Makes Recommendations
  • Again no Tax or Legal Advice given

New and Existing Owners

Perfect for Management Agreement Renewals

Private Travel Review

Evaluates Current Travel

Examines Existing Travel Options

Compares Current Travel to the following -

  • Jetcard
  • Fractional Ownership
  • Membership Clubs
  • Aircraft Ownership
  • Traditional Charter
  • We do not give tax advice or legal advice

Flexible Process

Good periodic exercise to ensure Private Travel Costs are Reasonable

Aviation Consulting - What does this mean for our clients?

In the shortest and simplest words possible our Aviation Consulting Clients get actionable knowledge and advice on the management, purchase or sale of their Private Aircraft or Travel Services. We act as a resource regarding Private Travel questions and cost reasonableness.  Here are some of our services: